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Item no. : HPS106LTD
Artist : 1782
Product type : Vinyl LP
Release Date : 07 June 2019



In December 2018, Marco Nieddu (24Moons / Raikinas) and Gabriele Fancellu (Raikinas) decided to form a Doom band called "1782" in honor of all the "witches" murdered by the bigoted minds of many elder generations. On January 4th 2018, the band entered in the studio to record the single "She Was A Witch", released by Electric Valley Records on the 17th of the same month. Within a few days the single turned out to be an excellent Doom piece, finding great interest, especially on social media and by many listeners of the genre.

In 1782 Anna Göldi was condemned, she was tortured and killed, this was the last witchcraft trial in Europe. In this debut album, 1782 deal with macabre themes: from spells to ruthless torture, from the pleasure of sex to the most perfidious revenge. Seven tracks of pure Doom Metal sound with mega-riff Stoner Doom intervals, accompanied by a rhythm section of powerful drums, intense bass and super-fuzzy guitars.

1. Intro
2. Night Of Draculia
3. The Spell (Maleficium Vitae)
4. She Was A Witch (feat. Gabriele Fiori)
5. Black Sunday
6. Oh Mary
7. 1782
8. Celestial Voices (Pink Floyd cover)
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