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Item no. : PMZ127
Artist : 23 ACEZ
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 26 January 2015



23 Acez was founded by Benny Willaert (“Zors”) in 2010. He started writing songs and hooked up with Pete Mush and altogether they recorded 12 songs which became the album “Crossroads”. To keep it simple, Zors played (almost) all guitars, including the bass. For extra lead guitars he asked Tom Tas and Dario Frodo to add some extra sauce. These guys are extremely talented and especially very enthusiastic. The intention was to keep it raw and pure, not too many rehearsals, not overdoing it, not overthinking it… just plain Rock’N’Roll!
After a while it became clear there was some demand for live performances. In came Jonathan Braeckman on the drums and Tom Mundez on the bass. Tom Tas, who was already on the first album, agreed to join the live band.
Material for a new album was pre-produced in a year time. After that it took a couple of months to record the songs in a proper way. Pete Mush, who produced the first album, was a very important factor in this process. The result is “Redemption Waves”. Lyrically the theme of the album is about the search for solving problems on an emotional and personal level, without being too much of a “Dr. Phil”. We believe that good lyrics are a sequence of words which anyone can relate to. They can be mysterious without being too obvious. Musically we love it when a song sticks to your ears with the necessary hooks and “earworms”. That’s why melody is a key ingredient to 23 Acez’ music.
Basically 23 Acez is a bunch of friends who love playing music. In the past all members have been involved in different projects in different styles. Nowadays they play where their hearts are at… riff oriented melodic rock - songs that grab you by the throat and kick you in the groin!! Take a listen and get on the wave…
1. Loopholes
2. Alone
3. The Bigger Picture
4. Colors On The Ceiling
5. Redemption Waves
6. My Blood
7. Descending
8. From The Moment
9. Looking Back
10. Morning Sun
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