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Item no. : MRC024
Artist : 2AM
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 11 November 2022



2AM is the brain child of vocalist Dave Lloyd (Nutz/Rage) and guitarist/songwriter Mark Thomas. The high-tech AOR duo delivered their one and only album in 1987, before splitting in 1988 after being dropped by their label RCA, leaving behind a true classic that fans have traded audio copies over the last 30 years. Unfortunately, there is a sad side to this reissue. Mark Thomas was only recently discovered to have passed away several years ago after dropping out of the industry many years earlier. In 2003 Judges sitting in the High Court in London ruled that American singer Bobby Womack had stolen the 2am song ‘You’re The One’, awarding Thomas GBP57,000 in royalties. Unable to afford to pursue Womack in US courts for payments that never came, Mark left the business with a bitter taste. It is hoped that this official remaster, which comes on the 35th Anniversary of the album’s release, will help remind fans of what a fantastic writer and guitarist Mark Thomas was and close the 2AM story on a positive note.
1. Never Gonna Let You Escape
2. You're The One
3. Somebody Someday
4. Who Will You Run To
5. Too Late
6. Lost Souls
7. Running With The Same Old Crowd
8. Never Feel This Way Again
9. Dreams And Promises
10. Now You're Leaving
11. Right Now I Need You (Bonus Track)
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