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Item no. : 398414785CD
Artist : 3
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 07 January 2013



3 has always been a band apart. They’ve never been afraid to follow the artist impulse, whether it has lead to genre bending progressive experimentation or, as in the case of “REVISIONS”, drawn us into a world defined more by melody and lyric than by instrumental prowess. This collection taps the rich history of 3 by re-examining some of the earlier songs that made us who we are today. Some of them are known from early live bootlegs, others existed only on cassette and were transferred to the internet by dedicated fans. In any event, these are songs that we felt deserved a second chance, a “revision” is you will. Our passion for music is truly the common thread that binds our diverse body of work.


“Listening to a 3 album or watching them recreate their music live is truly mind-blowing. Be one of the lucky ones to say "I remember them before they were huge", they are that good.”  - Howard Jones of Killswitch Engage


“3 have it all! Great musicianship, funky grooves, catchy melodies.... I dig this band so much.”  - Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater


“One of the great things about having 3 open for Porcupine Tree is how much they made us raise our own game - every night their incendiary 45minute set gave us an almost impossible act to follow. Simply one of the best new live acts around.”  - Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree

1. Anyone Human (1998)
2. Rabid Animals (2000)
3. The Better Half Of Me (2001)
4. Automobile (1998)
5. Why (2002)
6. Lexicon Of Extremism (2006)
7. Fable (2002)
8. You’ve Been Shot (1998)
9. Halloween (2002)
10. The Emerald Undertow (1998)
11. The Game (1998)
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