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Compact Disc Double


Chest (Inch)

Chest (CM)

Due 19 July 2024
Item no. : QDISS20238CDD
Artist : 7 SECONDS
Product type : Compact Disc Double
Release Date : 19 July 2024



Formed in Reno, Nevada in 1980, 7 Seconds are an iconic name in hardcore punk circles, a band that pioneered US hardcore alongside the likes of such luminaries as Minor Threat, Dead Kennedys, Circle Jerks, Black Flag and Bad Brains – however 7 Seconds promoted a straight edge lifestyle and by the late 80s had moved beyond hardcore’s musical limitations, embracing a more straightforward sound, albeit with the same underlying core values. 

This pair of recordings are sometimes referred to as 7 Seconds ‘U2 era’, a slightly derogatory term which overlooks the band’s ambitious attempts to take hardcore in new directions, a path later embraced by the likes of Quicksand, At The Drive-In, Far, and in the modern era Turnstile and Angel Du$t. 7 Seconds frontman Kevin Seconds remains an inspirational figure in the hardcore scene, including carving out a formidable solo career, and as a somewhat reluctant figurehead for the straight edge scene and lifestyle. 

This release features exclusive liner notes from respected journalist Mark Freebase, with contributions from 7 Seconds contemporaries Joe D Foster - (Unity Ignite No For An Answer), Israel Joseph I - (Bad Brains Fireburn), Scoot Horton - (Awkward Thought / Shell Shock / The Kulprits) and journalist and superfan James Sherry

Trouserpress sums up this divisive period in 7 Seconds’ history as follows: “‘Ourselves’, recorded as a quartet, and the three-man ‘Soulforce Revolution’ are both state of the art: intelligent lyrics of personal and political consequence, moderately powerful singing, buzzing guitars and brisk tempos”. 
1. Escape And Run 
2. Far Away Friends 
3. Save Ourselves 
4. If I Abide 
5. Wish I Could Help 
6. Sleep (In Memory Of Robyn S. Schumacher) 
7. Sister 
8. Middleground 
9. When One Falls 
10. Some Sort Of Balance 
11. Seven Years 

Soulforce Revolution 
1. Satyagraha 
2. Busy Little People 
3. I Can Sympathise 
4. It All Makes A Lot Less Sense Now 
5. Mother’s Day 
6. Tribute Freedom Landscape 
7. Copper Ledge 
8. Tickets To A Better Place 
9. 4 A.M. In Texas 
10. Soul To Keep (For Phillis) 
11. Swansong
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