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Item no. : SIM017CD
Product type : Compact Disc Mini
Label : SIMBA
Release Date : 25 August 2003



About a year before the creative mass psychosis of the Northern Swedish punk scene reached it's final destination with the break-up of Umea Hardcore legends, Refused, vocalist Dennis Lyxzen and guitarist Jon F Brannstrom hooked up with the musical engine behind mod-punk eccentrics Saidiwas, Anders Johansson along and Jonas Erikson [one of the many bassists of Refused]. Their mission was to form a different kind of collective, unique in its nature, that vows to never perform the same song twice.

As 93 Million Miles From Sun this collective played a mere handful of shows and recorded twice. The first time was in 1997 - to songs for the "Love Is A Dog From Hell" compilation cd [Simba/blue eyes]. The second was early in 1998 for the 7" on Simba. Both had only 1000 pressed and are now collectors items. This is all five songs on one CDEP, finally back in press and ready to be part of the Refused legacy. With Dennis going on to front world-reknown act - (International) Noise Conspiracy this release clearly shows the stepping stones taken from Refused to INC.

1. One Day…
2. Trademarks
3. We Could Be
4. This Party Sucks
5. Campsite Closed
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