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Item no. : EVR238CD
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Release Date : 22 September 2014



No Place is the sophomore full-length from genre-defying experimental rockers A Lot Like Birds.

Their debut Conversation Piece elicited comparisons to I Set My Friends on Fire and The Fall of Troy.

Having added to their line up with signing Kurt Travis (Dance Gavin Dance) ALLB signed to established punk/metal afficionados - Equal Vision.
With this release of No Place, ALLB make their Equal Vision debut.
Following from Travis' solo effort "Tantrum (Far from the tree, the apple grows rotten" This is a debut that has all the hallmarks of bearing many delicious fruits, hopefully withhout the tantrums.

1. In Trances
2. No Nature
3. No Nurture
4. Next to Ungodliness
5. Connector
6. Myth of Lasting Sympathy
7. Hand Over Mouth, Over and Over
8. Kuroi Ledge
9. Recluse
10. Shaking of the Frame
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