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Item no. : SEX1805LP
Product type : Vinyl LP
Release Date : 25 January 2019



‘Ave Maria’ is the latest release from Berlin-based trio A Pony Named Olga. Though known in the States primarily from their appearances at several iterations of both SXSW and the Muddy Roots Festival they are a favorite on the live circuit in Western Europe, having played hundreds of dates at clubs and festivals over the past ten years.
1. A1. The Worst Is Yet To Come
2. A2. Old ‘n Cold
3. A3. The Law
4. A4. It Ain’t Over (‘til It’s Over)
5. A5. Ave Maria
6. A6. Totalitarian Polka II
7. A7. Face Like Tom Stone
8. B1. Rockabilly Fart
9. B2. Work For Jerk
10. B3. 1941
11. B4. Nothing’s Ever Really Gone
12. B5. Day Come To Me
13. B6. Rip In Two
14. B7. When the Pain Turns to Sweet
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