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Item no. : PEL099V
Artist : ABRAHAM
Product type : Vinyl - 4 LP Box Set
Release Date : 11 May 2018



ABRAHAM emerged from the flourishing Swiss music scene of the past decade. During their now 8 years of existence and through festivals and tours supporting Cult of Luna and The Ocean, the band have forged their reputation as one of the leading post metal bands in Europe - but this record here is really... something else. Something else in every imaginable regard: Intensity. Conceptuality. Ferocity. Delivery. Obsession. Depth. Length. Darkness. Madness. Look, Here Comes The Dark! is, simply put, a concept album about the end of times: a classic post-apocalyptic dystopia, like a musical version of McCarthy's „The Road“, or Whitehead's „Zone One“. The album is divided into four consecutive periods, one for each vinyl record, throughout which the story of the disappearance of all life on Earth is told. Each section is defined by a unique approach in terms of style, songwriting, degree of experimentation and choice of instrumentation. “This is so intense that it is almost physically painful.” - Metal Hammer
1. I Ride The Last Sunrise
2. Wonderful World
3. Wanderer
4. Hyperoine
5. To The Ground
6. Silent At Last
7. Dead Cities
8. Invocation
9. Rise, Goddess
10. Errant
11. Sanctuaire
12. God Mycelium
13. Vulvaire
14. All The Sacred Voices
15. Urnacht
16. WIND
17. Erth
18. FIRE
19. Space/Departure
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