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Item no. : NYVAG123CD
Artist : AC4
Product type : Compact Disc
Label : NY VAG
Release Date : 27 November 2009



Ac4 might be the reunion that everybody has been waiting for. The runiting of forces between Old School scenesters. In 1989 the Umea Hardcore scene got kick started by Step Forward and in 1991 Refused took Umea Hardcore to the rest of the world. Step Forward was started by Dennis and Jens, Karl and David was huge fans. When Step Forward broke up Dennis and David started the by now legendary Refused and Karl and Jens started the Infamous The Vectors. Between the guys in the band their resume is impressive, how about bands like: Refused, David Sandström Overdrive, Regulations, The Vectors, The (International) Noise Conspiracy, The Lost Patrol Band, Instängd, Epileptic Terror Attack, Boredom Brothers, Final Exit to name a few. Ac4 debut is 15 songs of intense power. Fast furious Hardcore in the vein of Minor Threat, Bad Brains, Black Flag, Negative Approach, Jerry's Kids, 7 Seconds etc etc. It was recorded during 2 days late last year at Studio Parasit and mixed by Oskar Sandlund and takes a refreshing take on old school Hardcore. Check out the Amazing Let's go to war, The Singalong anthem Coptown and the fast and catchy Detonate! The Hardest challenge for the guys was not the regenerate the energy of being young but to write lyrics that fits with being 35+ and still being a punk. Check out the self reflection and struggles of growing old in a youth oriented scene in songs like Assassinate, Where are the Kids and I can do it. And the fine line between staying true and being stuck in songs like This is it, It Catches up and The Same Fight. When AC4 added their first live clip to youtube it has 14.000 hits in one week.
1. Detonate
2. Where Are The Kids
3. I Wanna Go
4. The Same Fight
5. Assassinate
6. Fuck The Pigs
7. I Can Do It
8. Bow Down
9. It Catches Up
10. My Condition
11. Pigs Lose
12. Over In A Second
13. Let's Go To War
14. Coptown
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