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Item no. : HELLSLP052
Product type : Vinyl LP
Release Date : 18 May 2015



Detroit's most evil doom band raises hell with one of the heaviest, crushing albums ever made! Mixing 70's psych, NWOBHM, 80's doom metal, crust, and death, this album is sure to possess even the holiest by the power of weed, spell and Satanism! Expect no typical doom metal here eerie listeners, this album isn't just a bunch of recycled Black Sabbath riffs, Acid Witch have crafted their own sound that sounds like no other band now or from the past.
1) Satanic Faith,
2) Witchfynder Finder,
3) Trick or Treat,
4) Thundering Hooves,
5) Live Forever,
6) Whispers in the Dark,
7) If Hell Exists,
8) Stoned to the Grave,
9) Metal Movie Marijuana Massacre Meltdown,
10) Sabbath of the Undea
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