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Item no. : HAUS056CD
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Release Date : 10 March 2003



"Adequate Seven are positively schizophrenic. It’s not hard to see why they’ve been chosen to support Fishbone on their forthcoming tour as both bands are similarly eclectic and highly danceable. Like a not-so-well-dressed Mighty Mighty Bosstones put through a funkadelic blender, Adequate Seven could be huge." KKKK – Kerrang!

The notorious Adequate Seven have escaped from planet Funkatron – on a mission to fight the forces of evil with hardcore punk, and promote peace and unity with bouncing grooves.

Adequate Seven merge diverse musical influences for a distinctive groove-laden hardcore sound, drawing further inspiration from bands including AFI, Sick Of It All, Gorilla Biscuits and Shelter as well as George Clinton, Funkadelic and A Tribe Called Quest.

During 2002 Adequate Seven have gained a large live following touring with Capdown, Lightyear, and Hundred Reasons. Now, fresh from touring with Fishbone, the band release their debut full length album. (2003)

1. The Shape of Funk to Come
2. Human Condition
3. Gotta Stay Focused
4. Choices
5. Minor Details
6. Everybody Hates
7. Protest Beat
8. Grassroots Resistance
9. The State We're In
10. Meltdown
11. No Space
12. Pop Idle
13. Free the Adequate Seven
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