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Item no. : INDIE204LP
Product type : Vinyl LP
Release Date : 03 November 2017



With already several critically acclaimed albums, Italy-based ADIMIRON has in a short time become one of the most promising acts in the European metal scene. Constantly promoting their own name through Europe, North America and Russia supporting dozens of bands in several international tours. ADIMIRON incite this atmosphere on their new full-length album, Et Liber Eris, totally designed in analogue mode.
The band's self-awareness has pushed them to create a work purely uninhibited by any outside influences and literally in its own sphere. Fueled by primitive emotions, the eight tracks lead the listener into the darkest depths of the human consciousness, evoking memories, unspoken thoughts that connect us inextricably with the intangible. Musically, the band creates an impressive progressive texture that hits the senses: wide variety of vocals register mixed with an incredible work of guitars, increasingly interwind to create atmospheres and dissonances, guide the listener into this sonic maze. The result is a coherent and layered work, which represent a picture of a band in perfect focus. Et Liber Eris evolves the musical research already started in the previous releases (Timelapse, K2), bringing a complex and solid production made up of great elegant and heavy moments. The extreme soul of the band comes out, but dissolved in a completely changing scenario. An album highly variegated and enjoyable until the last note. Abandon yourself, disconnect from the chaos and enjoy 'Et Liber Eris'.
01 The Sentinel
02 Zero-Sum Game
03 Joshua Tree 37
04 The Coldwalker
05 As Long As It Takes
06 The Unsaid
07 Stainless
08 Zona Del Silencio
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