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Agathodaimon meanwhile can look back on a long history- founded 1995 by guitarist Sathonys and drummer Matthias, their highly acclaimed debut BLACKEN THE ANGEL was produced in 1998 for Nuclear Blast. One year later, the progressive HIGHER ART OF REBELLION-album was recorded in Romania and showed that Agathodaimon opened themselves to a wide range of styles. 2001 then saw the release of CHAPTER III, which laid the foundation for all further works: transparent, pounding, modern productions which nevertheless sound timeless, while the band continued crossing frontiers and leave the label “Black Metal” far behind. Furthermore, SERPENT’S EMBRACE continued this development in 2004 and delivered both straight and nested songs, including lots of different styles and levels of heaviness. Ranging from pure Black Metal to a true ballad, this album gave the term “Dark Metal” a new meaning. It took the band more than four years until PHOENIX was completed. A time which brought some personal changes, but also brought new energy: With PHOENIX, Agathodaimon deliver a vital, unconsumed Dark Metal-album, which sums up the essence of all previous works and still is able to offer new impulses. PHOENIX was again produced at the Kohlekeller Studio (with Kristian “Kohle” Kohlmannslehner as engineer) and features 12 songs with a playing time of 63 minutes, while the limited first edition as digipack includes two bonus tracks (the soundtrack-contribution to “Alone In The Dark” in the original balladic and a brand new version), exceeding the playing time to over 72 minutes.

01. Heliopolis
02. Devil’s Deal
03. Decline
04. Ground Zero
05. Ghost Of A Soul
06. Winterchild
07. Time Is The Fire
08. To Our Ashes
09. Amongst The Vultures
10. Oncoming Storm
11. Throughout The Fields Of Unshaded Grace
12. Grey Whisper
13. Alone In The Dark (Death Angel’s Shadow)


14. Alone In The Dark (Sountrack version) Bonus

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