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Item no. : B9R129LP
Product type : Vinyl LP
Release Date : 16 November 2009



One of the greatest genre-defining hardcore bands of all time, Agnostic Front, has changed the face of music throughout their 25-year-long career. The two records that started it all, United Blood and Victim in Pain, are legendary NYHC releases and some of the most sought after pieces of music for fans and collectors. Finally, these two releases are coming back to life via Bridge Nine Records. Bridge Nine will release a CD version with both albums combined and additionally, will re-release United Blood on 7” and Victim in Pain on 12” LP. Originally released in 1983, United Blood was Agnostic Front’s first release and was followed shortly thereafter by Victim In Pain in 1984. These albums were a blast of pure New York hardcore that confirmed AF’s status as leaders of the NYHC movement alongside precursors the Cro-Mags and Murphy’s Law.

CD Tracklisting: No One Rules (United Blood) Final War (United Blood) Last Warning (United Blood) Traitor (United Blood) Friend or Foe (United Blood) United Blood (United Blood) Fight (United Blood) Discriminate Me (United Blood) In Control (United Blood) Crucial Changes (United Blood) Victim In Pain (Victim In Pain) Remind Them (Victim In Pain) Blind Justice (Victim In Pain) Last Warning (Victim In Pain) United and Strong (Victim In Pain) Power (Victim In Pain) Hiding Inside (Victim In Pain) Fascist Attitudes (Victim In Pain) Society Sucker (Victim In Pain) Your Mistake (Victim In Pain) With Time (Victim In Pain)



LP Tracklisting Victim In Pain Remind Them Blind Justice Last Warning United and Strong Power Hiding Inside Fascist Attitudes Society Sucker Your Mistake With Time


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