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Release Date : 25 August 2014



There's a rumble in Berlin, tonight! Terror-technicians Agonoize return with their most aggressive album to date, a fitting wake up call after their prolongued hiatus. „Apokalypse“ is a smashing tour de force coming from one of the most popular and controversial bands of the hard Electro-scene.

Calling the new Agonoize-album apocalyptic is almost a mild description for the Berlin-based lads' latest inferno of hard beats, brutal shouts and thudding bass.
Agonoize would not be Agonoize if they had not embedded a plethora of addictive hooks and subversively catchy melodies into the core of all this mayhem.

Including vicious attacks on gentrification and selling out, wannabes, the church and religious fanatics, as well as forays into all those nasty elements lurking under the surface of civilized society that the tabloids love to exploit, all infused with the band's special brand of pitch-black, tongue-in-cheek, humor.

With “Apokalypse”, Agonoize stay strictly in line with their motto: if we are too hard for you, just buzz off and listen to Synth Pop or Hip Hop, instead... but then the group's blood-soaked live shows will probably scare away the faint of heart, anyway.

You might call the songs controversial... but Agonoize will just grin your face, show you the finger and hit you with another blast of electronic prowess!
And for all of you initiated who cannot get enough of this splatter-disco-madness, “Apokalypse“ will also be released as a deluxe 2CD version in a classy double Digipak, sporting a bonus live album, recorded in the band's native city.

Agonoize are back with a bang – sporting the only real Aggro-sound from Berlin! The apocalypse has begun... and yes, there will be blood!


01. Apokalypse
02. Dafur
03. Toxin
04. Anti-Christ
05. Deutsch
06. Resolution
07. Endstation: Tod
08. Das zweite Ich
09. Exequien
10. Odium
11. In Infinitum
12. Numinos (In The Name Of God)
13. Death By Stereo

Bonus CD (Live):

01. Earpain
02. Slave To The Needle
03. Glaubenskrieger
04. Pavillon 5
05. Dafür
06. Koprolalie
07. Vollrauschfetischist
08. Sacrifice
09. Femme Fatale
10. For The Sick And Disturbed
11. Bis das Blut gefriert

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