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Item no. : SOM436LP
Product type : Vinyl Double Album
Release Date : 08 June 2018



Upon its release in 1994, 'Symposium of Rebirth' propelled AGRESSOR to the elite of extreme metal. The French metal pioneers were forward thinking in many ways. Musically, their unique sound is based within the newly burgeoning death metal scene of the early nineties yet comes with a solid dose of the original thrash heritage, which invites comparison with DARK ANGEL. Not content with the limitations of their genre, AGRESSOR added orchestral elements and even went as far as to cover parts of Basil Poledouris' iconic soundtrack for the movie 'Conan the Barbarian' and a cooperation with the Choir of the Opéra de Lyon. The album artwork of 'Symposium of Rebirth' was designed by legendary French graphic novel artist Philippe Druillet – famous for his psychedelic SF series based on the character Lone Sloane. Long unavailable, this death metal milestone will finally be reissued both in a re-recorded version and in its original form on a 2-CD set, with many bonus tracks.

1. Theology - Civilization - Wheel of Pain
2. Rebirth
3. Barabbas
4. Overloaded
5. Apocalyptic Prophecies - Erga Meam Salutem
6. Negative Zone
7. Vanguard of Naught
8. Abhuman Dreadnought
9. Torture
10. Dor-Firn-I-Guinar
11. After World Obliteration
12. Someone to Eat
13. The Word of Dog
14. Torture (demo version)
15. Barabbas (2005 version)
16. Radio Advert

"Symposium of Rebirth"
1. Barabbas
2. Rebirth
3. Negative Zone
4. Apocalyptic Prophecies
5. Overloaded
6. Theology - Civilization - Wheel of Pain
7. Abhuman Dreadnought
8. Torture
9. Dor-Firn-I-Guinar
10. After World Obliteration
11. Apocalyptic Prophecies (rough mix)
12. Negative Zone (rough mix)
13. Dor-Firn-I-Guinar (guitar only)
14. Theology (MIDI version)

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