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Release Date : 12 November 2021



Amazing collectors double CD Digipak of Agressor's debut and sophomore albums!

AGRESSOR became the first French metal act to be signed by an international label after recording the demo, ‘Orbital Distortion’ in 1989. A year later, the band began cooperating with Philippe Druillet for the visuals of their debut album, ‘Neverending Destiny’, which received a warm welcome with its combination of brutal thrash riffing and what would now be considered an early form of technical death metal.

Their sophomore full-length, ‘Towards Beyond’ (1992) was produced by Börje “Boss” Forsberg of BATHORY and Black Mark fame and came with ultra-heavy passages on top of their trademark technical riffing. AGRESSOR continued to spearhead the French extreme metal scene with their following release as well as through touring with such renowned acts as MORBID ANGEL, OBITUARY, PESTILENCE, BIOHAZARD, SINISTER, and WARGASM

Now available on this amazing double CD Digipak with bonus tracks and liner notes

For fans of Dark Angel, Sadus, Massacra

1. Paralytic Disease
2. The Unknown Spell
3. Elemental Decay
4. Voices From Below
5. Bloodfeast
6. Neverending Destiny
7. Prince Of Fire
8. Dark Power
9. The Arrival
10. Brainstorm
11. Bloody Corpse
12. Prince Of Fire (Rought Mix)
13. The Arrival  (Rought Mix)
14. Paralytic Disease (Rought Mix)
15. The Unknown Spell (Rought Mix)
16. Dark Power (Rehearsal 1988)
17. Bloody Corpse (Rehearsal 1988)
18. Voices From Below (Rehearsal 1988)
19. Elemental Decay (New Version)
20. Neverending Destiny (New Version)

1. Intro
2. Primeval Transubstantation
3. The Forteress
4. Positonic Showering
5. Antediluvian
6. Epileptic Aura
7. Hyaloïd
8. The Crypt
9. Future Past
10. Eldest Things
11. Turkish March
12. Primeval Transubstantation (Rought Mix)
13. Epileptic Aura  (Rought Mix)
14. The Crypt  (Rought Mix)
15. Hyaloïd (New Version)
16. Antediluvian (New Version)

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