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Item no. : KAR076LP2
Artist : AIRBAG
Product type : Vinyl Double Album
Release Date : 11 June 2021



Following in the series of re-mastered, top end re-issues of Norwegian prog act Airbag’s catalogue, we are thrilled to present you The Greatest Show On Earth. Originally released in 2013, this was the follow-up to the bands critically acclaimed 2009 debut album ‘Identity’, and 2011 album “All Rights Removed”.

Having established themselves with a solid fan base as one of Norway’s leading progressive rock acts, The Greatest Show On Earth was the first Airbag album to be released directly on vinyl, on both black and white vinyl. With a total run of just 1100 units, this pressing has been sold out for many years. The re-mastered vinyl version (launched late 2020) also sold out immediately, so here is a new “unlimited” version!

The album sees Airbag continuing their journey through atmospheric soundscapes and serious topics, creating cinematic pictures and bringing out emotions, pulling the listener into their world. They’re still giving us the Airbag sound, and this time the album is a bit rougher and with some heavier parts. ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’ is a great step forward for Airbag, and adds new elements to the delightful Airbag universe.

Bjørn Riis (guitars), Asle Tostrup (vocals), Henrik Fossum (drums), Jørgen Grüner-Hagen (keyboards) and Anders Fossum Hovdan (bass), together with engineer and co-producer Vegard Sleipnes, have with ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’ managed to raise the music of Airbag to the next level and even brought more characteristics to their sound. It has taken about 18 months to finish this record, but quality and musical craftsmanship are the essence in this production. Airbag is back and are absolutely a force to be reckoned with within the international music scene…

For fans of Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree, Talk Talk and Anathema

1. Surveillance (part 1)
2. Redemption
3. Silence Grows
4. Call Me Back
5. The Greatest Show on Earth
6. Surveillance (part 2-3)
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