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The story of Alpha Safari started when the lead vocalist Patrik Wirens previous band Misery Loves Company split up in the year 2000. Together with Entombed guitarist Uffe Cederlund  and the rhythm section of Patrik Thorngren (bass) Olle Dahlstedt (drums) the band began playing together as Washoe.

The bands debut album “Commercial Suicide” as all about following your own honesty and ignore everyone else’s expectations. At least that was the bands interpretations when they wrote the album.

To do the unexpected, to ignore the expectations and to be true to yourself, that’s what distinguishes a “Commercial Suicide” according to the band when they named their debut album.

The band features Patick Wirén from the then defunct Misery Loves Company and Uffe Cederlund from Entombed.
The first thing that comes into your mind is; METAL! You’re wrong. It’s not the easiest task to explain what the music sounds like, but bands such as Nomeansno & Dinosaur Jr come to mind, but a bit  more punkier, still not punk. Indie? Still too much punk! Maybe alternative rock might be more correct.

1. Outsing The Pigs
2. Disappear
3. Doing It Cause I Can
4. Commercial Suicide
5. The Next Attack
6. Björklinge
7. Almost Alright
8. Borderline
9. As The City Falls On My Feet
10. Airplanes
11. Go
12. Teenage Stupidity
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