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Item no. : ARP016LP
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Release Date : 19 October 2018



Alwanzatar is a solo project by Krizla (Tusmørke, Spectral Haze).
"The album "Fangarmer gjennom tid og rom" is a psychedelic journey into times that were and may be; realities and possibilities dreamed by the cosmic many armed nightmares that sleep in the voids beyond. It was recorded during the long, cold, snow filled winter nights of 2017 and 2018 in my home studio Holy Space!, Lindeberg in Oslo, working with a lot of old and some more recent material. Before recording, I performed the songs for the album extensively at concerts during the summer of 2017. The recordings are an attempt to distillate new ideas and versions that resulted from these concerts, from raving under the midnight sun at Karlsøy in Troms to mellowing in the shadowy interiors of a former car show room in Stavanger. The album title, "Fangarmer gjennom tid og rom", means tentacles through time and space. It is the sound of my mind reaching out into the past and the future. Also, there are the whispers of the many armed entities beyond the known, reaching in and touching me with the horrors and ecstasies of unreality".
1. I virvlende dampskyer
2. Enden av gangen
3. Trommeskogen
4. Bergtrollets komme
5. På slutten av dagen
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