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Item no. : HRR737CD
Artist : AMBUSH
Product type : Compact Disc Digi
Release Date : 10 April 2020



In 2015, Ambush released their second album »Desecrator«. Four years later it's high time for the follow-up »Infidel«. Vocalist Oskar Jacobsson has all the details: “Everything except vocals were recorded in PAMA studios by Mankan Sedenberg, who also produced our second album »Desecrator«. Mankan has become an important player for us handling recording, mixing as well as having legendary Svante Forsbäck mastering the album for us. The vocals were recorded by me in my studio, and the backing vocals were recorded here and there at various gatherings with friends where we brought some studio equipment.”

“Creating an Ambush album is quite difficult for obvious reasons,” continues Oskar. “On one hand we want to put out traditional sounding heavy metal with the vibe of the pioneers from the 70/80s. On the other hand the album must sound unique in some way to be relevant to the scene. We’ve always found it interesting to have a deja vu intention when it comes to riffing passages and melodies, as people think they’ve heard something before, but they might not always know when or where … Since the release of »Desecrator« in 2015, we’ve been writing quite a lot of songs. After we condensed all the songs down to ten, we’ve had plenty of time to work with arrangements, lyric themes and song structures. It is always hard to smash the last nail into the coffin when it comes to recording and mixing, but in the end I think we succeeded in creating a good heavy metal album. I hope people will like it!”

So what are the similarities and what are the main differences to »Desecrator«? Oskar reflects: “I think the main difference is the variety of songs and lyrical themes. In my opinion, the dark songs on »Infidel« are darker than on »Desecrator«. On the other hand, the mid-tempo songs are a bit more melodic and free in comparison. We had no intention of changing musical direction with this album, and I hope the fans will welcome »Infidel« as a little brother of »Firestorm« and »Desecrator«.”
It’s obvious when one listens to the new record that Ambush have progressed as a band, they do sound much more confident overall. And also the record does show a lot more variety (see “Yperite”). “Thank you very much,” is Oskar's polite reply. “Yeah, we’re getting older, and hopefully wiser and even more heavy metal experienced. Since we started this band, we’ve always believed in what we do, but with more experience comes better insight in how to progress as a band and as individuals. I guess the music is a reflection of that!”

In general, especially regarding the riffs and the overall sound, Ambsuh still incorporate a lot classic Priest (“Hellbiter”) and Accept (the main riff in “Heart Of Stone”) in their new material. “Yeah, Priest and Accept are always very close to my heart, “confirms Oskar, “and the metal gods are to some extent present in everything we do! It is a heavy metal legacy that means a lot to us.”

1. Infidel
2. Yperite
3. Leave Them to Die
4. Hellbiter
5. The Summoning
6. The Demon Within
7. A Silent Killer
8. Iron Helm of War
9. Heart of Stone
10. Lust for Blood
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