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Item no. : M2082
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 26 April 2024



AMIENSUS, the US Progressive Black Metal band whose previous album 2020’s ‘Abreaction’ met with a tremendous amount of critical and fan adoration, are geared up for the anticipated follow-up and the band’s first release with M-Theory Audio.  ‘Reclamation’ will be available on CD and limited edition (300) Opaque Turquoise colored vinyl.  
James Benson may be a familiar name to fans of the label as James also fronts Midwest post-black metal operatives and labelmates CHROME WAVES, and hence the personal introduction needed to cement future work with AMIENSUS. In addition to James, AMIENSUS includes GHOST BATH drummer Chris Piette plus guitarists Alec Rozsa, Kelsey Roe and bassist Todd Farnham.
April 26th marks the release of AMIENSUS’ new album, ‘Reclamation: Part 1,’ which will be followed late summer by ‘Reclamation: Part 2,’ another album of melancholic, epic, harsh and their emotional take on progressive black metal. AMIENSUS are perfect for fans of like-minded visionaries Agalloch, Enslaved, Borknagar and Insomnium. 
“masterful black metal” – 2 Angry Guys
“harsh, angry tones combine with pretty, ambient moments… it’s depressing music but in a beautiful way” – Metal Temple
1. Blink of the Moment
2. Reverie 
3. Senses Amplified
4. Sun and Moon
5. A Consciousness Throughout Time
6. Vermillion Fog of War
7. Spoken into Will
8. Transcendence Through Grief 
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