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Item no. : MIASMA022
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 27 May 2022



After taking the scene by surprise with their lauded 2017 debut "Atrocities from Beyond", the Lisbon-based slamming death metal act is gearing up to deliver more cosmic riffage in the shape of a new instalment. “Quiescence” continues the space motif from ANALEPSY’s previous releases, but from a different perspective. There are no living creatures, only the deserted cosmos awaiting its own demise... ANALEPSY's sound can be described as a crossover between old-school brutal death metal and modern melodic elements. The album features a set of prominent guests, including Ricky Myers of Suffocation & Disgorge.
1. Locus of Dawning
2. Impending Subversion
3. Elapsing Permanence (featuring Wilson Ng)
4. Accretion Collision
5. Stretched and Devoured (featuring Angel Ochoa)
6. Converse Condition
7. Fractured Continuum
8. Spasmodic Dissonance (featuring Ricky Myers)
9. Edge of Chaos
10. Quiescence (Instrumental)
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