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Item no. : DR4478DVD
Artist : ANDREW WK
Product type : DVD
Label : MVD
Release Date : 07 February 2006



At the beginning of 2000, a man calling himself Andrew W.K. seemed to appear out of nowhere in an explosion of soaking white electricity. He presented a performance designed to inspire new levels of raw excitement, pure energy, and complete confusion. Riding high on this promise of pleasure, A.W.K. hit the world stage with an unprecedented level of intensity. Combining an unmistakably unique sound with a confounding straight-ahead image, W.K. enthralled audiences across the globe, and was quickly named “the king of party music.” As word traveled, W.K. and his band continued a relentless concert schedule, traveling to all corners of the earth. This film documents A.W.K.’s first four years, and delivers all the power, passion, and presence of a man in between existence and eternity.
Includes narration by Andrew W.K. himself · Behind the Scenes tour footage from around the globe · Andrew W.K. fan tribute featuring NYC fans having fun outside before a show · Outakes of Andrew W.K. performing “I Get Wet” Additional never before-seen footage of Andrew doing what he does best: being Andrew W.K.
1. Violent Life
2. Victory Strikes Again
3. Long Live
4. The Party
5. Ready To Die
6. It’s Time To Party
7. Take It Off
8. Make Sex Totally Stupid
10. Girls Own Love
11. She Is Beautiful
12. Tear It Up
13. I Love NYC
14. I Get Wet
15. Never Let Down Party Hard
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