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Release Date : 15 July 2022



DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present the highly anticipated debut album of France’s ANIMALIZE, Meat We're Made Of, on CD and vinyl LP formats. The roots of France’s ANIMALIZE go back to 2014, when the moniker was first chosen, but their lineup didn’t solidify until 2018. From the beginning, the power-trio’s influences were set: heavy metal from the ‘70s and ‘80s, but specifically the likes of Loudness, W.A.S.P., Tokyo Blade, Glenn Tipton, Ritchie Blackmore, Glenn Hughes, and Annihilator and especially classic French heavy metal like ADX, Malediction, Sortilège and Warning. Synthwave and New Wave, both old and new, also musically influence ANIMALIZE. However, it is the band’s love of movies which arguably influences ANIMALIZE’s outlook the most. For them, a visual identity and atmosphere – whether in their visual aesthetic, be it artwork or onstage, or especially their upcoming videos – is of the utmost importance. Film also feeds their lyrics, quite often. The band states that such movies as Evil Dead, Mad Max, Pet Sematary, Masters of the Universe, and Terminator are among their most beloved.
1.Samouraï de l'Univers
2.Back From the Sematary
3.If However You Can Last
4.Eternal Second
5.Pigs From Outer Space
6.Escorte Funèbre
7.Saturday Night Witchcraft
8.The Witch You Are
9.Esprit de l'Asile
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