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Chest (CM)

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Item no. : ARCD070
Artist : AOSOTH
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 30 November 2009



Second project of MkM (from french based Antaeus) evolving in the black death metal genre. While Antaeus sets boundaries for violent grinding black metal, Aosoth delivers more dissonnant and 90s death metal elements combined with the work of Bst (balrog, aborted axeman). Early work were quoted to be in the vein of a mix between Antaeus, Craft, Grave... First releases did include a split 10" with Antaeus also pressed in cd format, a split ep with label komrades of Temple of Baal, a full lenght out on Total Holocaust records, lp version pressed by the Ajna Offensive. New album inked with the Agonia kamp will show an EVILution towards more sick and tortured tracks, as well as the Antaeus track the band has been covering during each live ritual. Antaeus mastermind exposing another side of the Cult, while his previous act was focusing on introspection and violence, Aosoth brings a more sick approach, based on years of excess and the obvious increasing hatred within. This combined with the musician skills of BST, Aosoth is now reaching a step above when it comes to their expression of sinister black metal. Having now secured a live line up in the past two years, the band now exposes its Art on stage with numerous acts & intend on getting stronger and stronger on this field. The band got to perform some selected gigs in the past year with the following acts : Ondskapt, Nehemah, Farsot, Enthroned, Hell Militia, Blacklodge, Heretic, Stormnatt, Baptism, Celestial Bloodshed, Sargeist... and got impressive feedback on those live rituals. Expect nothing but satanic audio violence.

1. Songs without lungs
2. Ashes of Angels
3. Path of twisted light
4. Embrace and enlightment
5. Teaching/Erasing
6. Summon the dead
7. Cries out of heaven
8. Communion through pain
9. Banished
10. Inner war

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