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Item no. : HPS009LTD
Artist : APE SKULL
Product type : Vinyl LP
Release Date : 07 January 2022



REPRESS of the debut heavy psych rock gem by APE SKULL!

As music technology progresses at an alarming rate and any old Tom, Dick and Harry can be thrown into a recording studio and be made to sound halfway decent with the minimum of ability, it is heart warming to see that there are still bands who reject this reliance on new fangled computer rubbish and rely more on just plain sounding good by taking a vintage stance. Italian three piece Ape Skull are unashamed in betraying their influences claiming to have a desire to reproduce the sounds of 1969 to 1972. Certainly in their little corner of Italy the last 41 years have never happened.

Everything about this album screams retro from the way the songs buzz with that reckless, blues based groove laid down by the wave of proto metal acts such as Jerusalem and Iron Claw to the actual sounds. Guitarist Fulvio Cartacci sounds like he’s burning the fuck out of the valves on his amp to achieve that rich, warm broken sound that so many people have been chasing since but can only be achieved by using a piece of proper vintage kit.

Alongside fellow countrymen Doctor Cyclops it seems that Italy could have a burgeoning retro rock scene to rival their Scandinavian counterparts. Ape Skull have a minor gem on their hands here. Now it’s time to chuck their gear in their van and hit the road as this is music designed to be played live, loud and proud!!! - thesleepingshaman

1. Lazy
2. So Deep
3. Time And Wind
4. Make Me Free
5. I Got No Time
6. Bluesy
7. Hookah
8. Now I Get You
9. Take Me Back
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