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Item no. : 6423429
Artist : ARISE-X
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 06 October 2023


On 'Dogma', the 4th album by ARISE-X, the band continues its style consistently and yet again takes different paths. The danceable electro-industrial sound remains typical Arise–X, but contains new facets. The listener can expect a mix of Dark Electro, paired with influences from other genres. Electronic, hard, danceable and yet always melodic and with hooklines that get stuck in the ear!

Even though the majority of the songs are clearly aimed at the dancefloor, there are also quiet and thoughtful moments that show the band from another side. Not least through the use of the female voices of the singers Patricia and Maureen, a soundscape is created that goes far beyond the boundaries of the usual dark electro acts. Predominant, however, is the scream voice of singer Peloquin, whose roots in black metal remain audible.

The content is mostly about socially critical topics. A look at everyday life and topics that accompany us all the time; Loss, war, death, love, Germany in transition and social injustice are topics that are touched.
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