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Chest (CM)

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Item no. : VAN367
Product type : Compact Disc Digi
Release Date : 14 July 2023



Staring goats to death! The psychedelic operatives tracked down by ARSGOATIA may subliminally have believed they were staring down the devil. But the Devil lives in the mirror and is still hiding amongst humans. Sworn against the foul semen and antilife creation, ARSGOATIA exhale their tongues in 2021 in Salzburg/Austria, out of the entourage of the Funkenflug Society and the residents of the mystik Neudegg Alm.

ARSGOATIA celebrates golden and holy Metal of death, fast-approaching with bloodlust, anti-clericalism, perversion, raging violence and cruelty! This is the Art of the Goat Creation. It is the representation of obscenity and ARSGOATIA allows access to their musical imagination beyond this world and far away. The first outburst of the upcoming Spell Hiding Amongst Humans (Vàn Records) is sliced In The Veins Of The Saints and features a stunning coloration full of hypocrisy and curses. A deception to hold other people to a different standard than that to which they hold themselves. It is not a matter of falling short of your rule; it is a matter of having a different set of rules for others than for yourself.

Rotten and divine shall be all tragedy, the world is ready for the ultimate Limit. Nightmare and nervous breakdown shall release you from all fear and vessel! Profanity, infamy, worship burn forever! Torches high!

1. Tongues Orifice Fire
2. In The Veins Of The Saints
3. Rumours Of The Southern Peak
4. When Heresy Repeats Itself
5. Slay Burn Immolate
6. Stigmata's Mouth
7. Tyrant Of All Men
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