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Item no. : VIC266CD
Artist : ASPHYX
Product type : Compact Disc
Label : VIC
Release Date : 30 December 2022



‘Embrace the Death’  is a rough mix album recorded in 1990, originally intended as the first Asphyx full-length album. It was planned for release on C.M.F.T. Productions, but the label went bankrupt. The CD was eventually released in 1996 after Century Media Records acquired the rights for the album. Cover art and special liner notes by Axel Hermann (Iced Earth, Grave, Morgoth). Extensive liner notes by Pim Blankenstein (Possessed, Sinister, Toxik) with founding member Bob Bagchus and Eric Daniels. Line up on this special Asphyx album is: Eric Daniels Guitars (Soulburn, Grand Supreme Blood Court) & Bob Bagchus Drums (Grand Supreme Blood Court, Siege of Power)) & Theo Loomans (Swazafix) Vocals, Bass. New booklet design with many rare and never published before pictures.
1. Intro
2. Embrace the Death
3. The Sickened Dwell
4. Streams of Ancient Wisdom
5. Thoughts of an Atheist
6. Crush the Cenotaph
7. Denying the Goat
8. Vault of the Vailing Souls
9. Circle of the Secluded  
10. To Succubus a Whore  
11. Eternity's Depths
12. Outro
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