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Item no. : RJ195
Artist : ATHORN
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 01 March 2019



What would happen if a meteorite hit the earth and turned mankind into the living dead? With their new concept album “Necropolis“, ATHORN dive right into their own story, revolving around a doomsday-like wasteland with space western references and prove that different musical influences can in fact be combined into one brilliant end result. In order to describe the chaos that ensues at the end of the era of civilization, ATHORN throw every style between progressive Melodic Death and Power Metal into one creative melting pot. With their autonomously written and produced concept album, which was recorded in vocalist Carsten Frank‘s Waveland Productions Studio, the five Germans break the limits of the established genres and showcase their instrumental skills as well as their energized professionalism.
1. 11111011000
2. Another Day In Hell
3. The Dark Breed
4. Cabin On The Hill
5. Forgotten Souls
6. Ghost Brigade
7. Path Of Sorrow
8. Final Destination
9. End Of Days
10. Born In Flames
11. Of Pawns And Dragons
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