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Item no. : TRANS169
Artist : ATLAS
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 14 October 2022



The 1979 album "Blå Vardag" by ATLAS is in every way indispensable when looking at the progressive music history of Sweden. Their sole debut album combines the almost Zamla-esque playfulness on tracks such as "På Gata" with intricate, mellow melodies on e.g. "Blå Vardag" and "Den Vita Tranans Väg" while infusing heavy organs, carefully refined guitar riffs and fantastic synthesised sound scapes.

If you have any interest in instrumental 70's prog (and even the RIO scene), you're in for a real treat; this album is not to be overlooked!

1. Elisabiten
2. På Gata
3. Blå Vardag
4. Gånglåt
5. Den Vita Tranans Väg
6. Björnstorp
7. Hemifrån
8. Sebastian
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