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Item no. : 436302
Artist : ATLAS
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 20 October 2023



ATLAS is a Melodic Rock band from the North of England. Keyboard player James Thorley founded the 5-piece in early 2017 with the intention to
create a band that centered its roots around the 80s AOR and Melodic Rock genre whilst delving into other areas of Modern Hard Rock, Metal and
Progressive Rock. ATLAS draw heavily on influences stemming from the AOR classic standards of Toto and Journey to the modern era of Work of Art
and W.E.T with subtle progressive elements of Dream Theater mixed in to forge their sound. The band released their debut EP in the summer of
2017. It won three awards from AOR Underground for ‘Independent album of year 2017’ for their release of the EP ‘World in Motion’, ‘Best
Newcomer of 2017’ and ‘Song of the year’ with ‘Lost in The Moment’. Atlas began work on a full album at the start of 2018 and September 2018 saw
the world-wide release of the debut album 'In Pursuit of Memory'. Atlas released their second album 'Parallel Love' during the lockdown of 2020. It
followed on the success of previous releases and charted in Japan at #36. Both albums were heavily presented live on Europe’s stages with e.g. THE
QUIREBOYS, ERIC MARTIN, FM, VEGA and BIG COUNTRY. The new album 'Built To Last' picks up where its predecessor left off and the album title was
chosen with care. The new songs are perhaps a bit more mature and catchy and the sound fits even better to let the 12 masterpieces shine.
Responsible for mixing and production was keyboarder James Thorley while Grammy Award winner Thomas Johannsson was taking care of the
mastering at The Panic Room Studios in Sweden.
01 All Or Nothing
02 You’re Not Alone
03 One More Night
04 Another Heartbreak
05 Tears
06 Unfamiliar Love
07 Just Like That
08 Chasing Portraits i - Lonely Hearts
09 Chasing Portraits ii - Closer To The Picture
10 Chasing Portraits iii - Painted Memories
11 Bury A Lie
12 Best Is Yet To Come
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