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Release Date : 25 August 2014



'Gone', the debut album from Autumn's Dawn carries on the melancholic spirit found on their self-titled EP, while pushing into new territories stylistically. The melancholic black metal of the past is still present in places, but it has also given way to a more refined and melodic sound, which allows the band to reach even greater heights than before. AUTUMN'S DAWN is a new musical collaboration between two musicians by the names of Sorrow (Germ, Austere, Grey Waters) and Anguish (Rise of Avernus, Troldhaugen). Both having played in numerous bands.

1. The Ashes Of A Life

2. Until My Heart Corrodes With Rust

3. Into The Cold

4. Grace Of The Grave

5. When The Sun Sets For The Last Time

6. Blank Stare, Dead Eyes

7. Dawn 8. Through The Rusted Gates Of Time

9. Gone

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