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Item no. : SOM201CD
Product type : Compact Disc Digi
Release Date : 15 June 2009



With “Blood of Bacchus” AVA INFERI serve the musical equivalent to a brilliant wine. Outmost pleasing to the aural palate are the rich and sweet vocals added by Portuguese singer Carmen Simões resembling a golden Tawny Port. Her beautifully clear and emotional singing has already gained her several guest appearances with MOONSPELL, but it is only in AVA INFERI that her beautiful voice is unleashed to its full potential. A darker tint is added to the barrel by renowned composer Rune Eriksen, who has changed the course of Norwegian Black Metal with his work for legendary MAYHEM. Yet in AVA INFERI the listener tastes a far more subtle balance born out of a unique blending of Doom and Gothic Metal influences, but always remaining faithful to Eriksen’s distinctive style, which is a far cry from any average verse/chorus structure. The Portuguese/Norwegian band is demonstrating amazing song writing skills with their third masterpiece “Blood of Bacchus”, which artfully combines titbits of delicate sweetness, melancholic bitterness and dark honeyed aftertaste: Take a big bite and rejoice!
Track listing 1. Truce, 2. Last Sign of Summer, 3. Colours of the Dark, 4. Black Wings, 5. Appeler les loups, 6. Be Damned, 7. Tempestade, 8. Blood of Bacchus, 9. Memoirs
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