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Chest (CM)

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Item no. : PHP201902
Artist : AXXIS
Product type : Compact Disc Double
Release Date : 20 December 2019



With numerous festivals both at home and abroad (including their first time in Russia) as well as an anniversary tour in selected cities and two big anniversary concerts in Memmingen and Bochum, Axxis are celebrating their thirtieth anniversary. The first Blu Ray in their Band History "Bang your Head with Axxis" was already released and the new double CD "Best Of EMI-Years" will be released in 2019. Old Classics were all re-recorded and produced in a contemporary way. "We want to transport the best songs of the early days at our record company EMI into the years 2019. The recordings lasted month to make them compatible to today", singer Bernhard Weiss explains. Reorienting oneself over and over again is a principle that the Hard Rock troop from the Ruhr area has internalized since their early days.
. Living in a world
2. Kingdom of the night
3. Face to Face
4. Fire and ice
5. Young souls
6. Love is like an ocean
7. The moon
8. Tears of the trees
9. Kings made of steel
10. Save me
11. Touch the rainbow
12. Rolling like thunder
13. Ships are sailing
14. Little look back
15. Face to Face
16. Stay don't leave me
17. Little war
18. Brother moon
19. Waterdrop
20. Ecstasy
21. C'est la vie
22. Just a story
23. Helena
24. The show is over
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