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Item no. : FAT157LP
Product type : Vinyl LP
Release Date : 30 June 2022



Originally released in 2006 on CD only, War of the Words – a split EP by Bad Astronaut and Armchair Martian – featured 7 tracks of each band covering the other’s material. We are pleased to announce we have resurrected this split, and we’re giving it a proper vinyl release! We’ve even added a bonus, never-before released Bad Astronaut track from that era called “High White Ceiling.” War of the Worlds will be a vital piece of the collection for all Bad Astronaut & Armchair Martian fans, as well as fans of the various members’ many other endeavours.
1. Not A Dull Moment
2. Crestfallen
3. Grey Suits
4. Statler 2000
5. You Deserve This
6. Jessica’s Suicide
7. 17 Years
8. High White Ceiling (BONUS TRACK)
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