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Release Date : 29 June 2015



Not Sorry is the much anticipated first full-length album from all female super-group BAD COP/BAD COP. Aptly titled, Not Sorry brazenly blasts out some of the most vibrant pop-punk around today. Laden with catchy hooks, three part harmonies that’d make The Beach Boys jealous, and tons of attitude, all 13 tracks showcase BAD COP/BAD COP’s uncanny ability to blend aggressive instrumentation with polished vocals. A quick glance at the band’s collective resume (Compton SF, The Radio Sweetheart, The D’Maggs, The City, Angry Amputees, and Cunt Sparrer) will dis-abuse any doubters of the notion that BC/BC can’t hang with the boys. From front to back Not Sorry absolutely brings the rock. Tracks like “Old Dogs”, “Nightmare”, and “Support” display the band’s hard-playing style and strong sense of melody. One listen to Not Sorry and you’ll know why BAD COP/BAD COP have generated so much buzz in such a short time.

01. Nightmare
02. Anti Love Song
03. Here’s To You
04. Cheers
05. Joey Lawrence
06. Sugarcane
07. I’m Alright
08. Old Dogs
09. Like, Seriously?
10. Rip You To Shreds
11. The ‘Wood
12. Firewater
13. Support
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