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Release Date : 07 April 2008



All right! The Batallion was founded in Bergen, Norway in the summer of 2006. All members are well established metalhead musicians who have played in some of the most legendary bands from Norway, like Old Funeral, Grimfist, Taake, Borknagar, St. Satan, Deathcon, Bombers etc. The reason for starting The Batallion was the pure hunger for the spirit of the old metal feel. They possess the guts, the rebellion and the authenticity it takes to perform this music. In December of 2006 they had 4 tracks ready and entered Conclave Studio in Bergen to record their debut EP. After considering offers from a few labels, they decided to release it under their own label, Masculin Records. It resulted in being booked at the Hole In The Sky Festival and the Inferno Festival. The Batallion entered Conclave Studio with producer Bart Schlagermeister (Bjørnar E. Nilsen) again in November 2007, and proceeded to record their first full length album. The quality of the material lead to a record contract with the Bergen based label Dark Essence Records. The album is entitled "Stronghold Of Men" and contains 11 tracks of no compromise shredding toughness! The Batallion means business. Once you've experienced them, there is no return. This is the real deal. BEWARE THE ATTACK!!!
1. The Spirit Of Masculinity
2. Born In A Grave
3. Detonate
4. Man To Man (Warfare)
5. Vicitms
6. Smoke’em Out
7. Hate At Last Sight
8. Tension In The Stronghold
9. March Of The Veterans
10. Prove Your Pain
11. Last Dawn
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