ANTHOLOGY VOL 1 (2007 - 2015)

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Release Date : 04 December 2015



After the brilliant debut-cd “Diary Of Lost” released in 2007 comes a new masterpiece from The Beauty Of Gemina. This Swiss band goes on composing a very eclectic sound, merging elements of gothic, electronics and wave. They don’t really belong to any kind of definable style, but will probably catch the attention of numerous gothic fans. The balance between electronics and guitar is simply remarkable while some dynamic drums are leading the listener into a frenetic dance. This album isn’t too moody although revealing some poignant gothic atmospheres. Most of the songs are quite powerful while melodious as well. You can feel a real maturity emerging from the compositions, which often reveal certain complexity in the writing while resulting in a fluid and terrific result! There’s too many adjectives to qualify and express the splendor of this album so you better experience it yourself!
1. Suicide Landscape
2. Kingdoms Of Cancer
3. This Time
4. Into Black
5. Kings Men Come
6. Rumours
7. Dark Revolution
8. June 2nd
9. Hunters (Acoustic Version)
10. Last Night Home (Acoustic Version)
11. All Those Days
12. One Million Stars
13. Dark Rain (Live In Zurich)
14. Down By The Horses (Live In Zurich)
15. One Step To heaven (Live In Copenhagen)
16. Darkness (Acoustic Piano Version)
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