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Item no. : ARCD071
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 24 May 2010



Deep from the minds of this four salon gents comes an eerie journey over the highest mountains of sound, through deepest valleys of darkness and clearest seas of melancholy. Grim warhymnes, skull crushing riffs, sometimes tuff and straight forward, then threatening, with deep addicting and nerve pulling but also sensitive melodies. Scary fairy-tales about looting, pillaging, despoiling and celebrating darkness, ignorance and calumny. Songs ov wolves, witches, war and wrath!
Crowbar and Pantera in Rock'n'Roll-Clinch with Nevermore and Life Of Agony. Straight, Original, Good! Rock Hard (Germany)
A delirious album. Esquisitely intense and introspective music for Sick youth. Amazing band! M. Fabban (Aborym, Malfeitor)
Sick, twisted, brutal....and downright splendid. "The Pusher" leavesyou unaware of what hit you. But a dose of Hatebreed, Clutch, Danzig, Sepultura, Neurosis and Tool gives you a clue what Beissert is all about. Allready a classic. Bard Faust (ex-Emperor, Blood Tsunami, Mongo Ninja, ...)

1. The Pusher
2 Die Dunkelheit uns mit sich nimmt
3. Die Fabelhafte welt der agonie +
4. Saxon:Blood:Rock
5. Uphillfight Against The Sun
6. Unaussprechlichen Kvlten
7. Durch die haare in das kind
8. Eerie Discipline
9. Aal ins gekroese
10. Yggdrasil
11. Bloodsown
12. Gedanke und erinnerung

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