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Release Date : 08 October 2012



The dark time of year is drawing nigh and the monsters that live under beds and in wardrobes to become the essence of countless children’s nightmares start creeping out of their summer hideaways. On “Hide And Seek”, successful Canadian group The Birthday Massacre delivers the ideal soundtrack to all our collective childhood angst… another mesmerizing invitation into the band’s trademark darkly colourful wonderland comprised of Electo Pop, Gothic, New Wave and an atmosphere that mingles youthful imagination with quirky gothic visions that could easily have sprung from the creative mind of cult director Tim Burton. The band and their energetic lead singer Chibi showcase their most mature song writing effort, ever, combined with an increased focus on electronics for maximum impact, more than ever before toying with musical extremes. So, do expect a lot of unexpected twists and turns along the course of the album’s ten ultra-catchy tunes: a groovy Electro-disco-tune might suddenly extend its claws and turn into a Nu-Metal-onslaught with walls of guitars.
1. Leaving Tonight 2. Down 3. Play With Fire 4. Need 5. Calling 6. Alibis 7. One Promise 8. In This Moment 9. Cover My Eyes 10. The Long Way Home
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