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Release Date : 07 April 2017



On the group’s 3rd album, “Can Be Anything”, the seventies-rock band literally bite the bullet and cut up their riff-driven retro sounds with blistering electro beats and charming pop-hooks. The result is a wild, charming and danceable version of acid pop. The thundering drums are still murky and rough, but the Jack White styled guitar riffs have been exchanged for vintage synths, cold reverb and hook-filled choruses.
The mindset for the new album is also a radically different than the former two albums: “We wanted to open up the creative process and draw inspiration from the good people around us” says guitarist Paw Eriksen. “We’ve always thought the band should be like a polyamory relationship, where you are allowed to have lovers and seek inspiration outside the closed circle of the band”
Bite The Bullet took the first, rough song sketches and let them circle freely among good friend and songwriter, Søren Christensen (Fallulah, Nabiha, Reptile Youth, etc) before the songs found their final form. During this process, Søren Christensen took control as producer, creative older brother and coordinator.
The first single, “Sweet Honey”, has gotten regular airplay on Danish National radio P6 BEAT and have been performed live throughout Denmark as the band have supported The Blue Van in late 2016.
However, it’s not in Denmark Bite The Bullet find the majority of their fanbase. The band tour extensively in clubs and venues along the German autobahn, where the raw rock ‘n roll have won the guys faithful, dancing fans, among lovers of whiskey, vinyl and stomped-out fuzzpedals.
“Playing an awesome show is better than every drug, sex and god all together!” Eriksen says in regards to the band's European adventures, which have taken them to Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Lithuania - and which have had a surprisingly beneficial effect on the band's lead singer, Thomas Storgaard Christiansen.
Christiansen has a psychological condition and through many years, he’s fought anxiety and amnesia. The system hasn’t been able to help him. But there is one place where he feels completely at ease: On the road. So in the back of the tourbus, the leadsinger easily catches up on the sleep he normally fights so hard to get in his daily life.
1. More Lover
2. Sweet Honey
3. Dance With Another
4. Roadhouse
5. Turn Off The Light
6. Lipstick Lover
7. Any Other Way
8. Falling Into You
9. Hold Me Now
10. When The Fire Stops Burning
11. March On
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