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Item no. : KING036CD
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Release Date : 29 June 2009



Growing up as teenagers in Katrineholm, Sörmland, we were exposed to a variety of musical influences. Of course some bands soon faded into oblivion, but over the years there’s been a core of inspiration that we’ve carried with us. This common ground hasn’t really showed in our music so far and now, some twenty years later, we figured it was time to pay tribute to our upbringing – resulting in the record Global Panic! Gathering a bunch of friends for the different sessions, the album turned into a multi colored carnival of sounds. Engineer and producer Jörgen Jugglo Wall even invited people for overdubs when we were away on different tours – since he’s originating from our own neck of the woods (i.e. Sörmland) this was of course not a problem. Assembling the band we asked Anders Hernestam (Weeping Willows), Stefan Björk (ex Wilmer X), Mattias Bärjed (The Soundtrack of Our Lives) and Micke Rip (ex Love Scuds) to sit in. Guests on different tracks, among others, were Magnus, Ola and Niko (Weeping Willows), Nicke Andersson (ex The Hellacopters), Brian Robertson (ex Thin Lizzy and Motorhead), Macke Karlsson (Tramp and ex Turpentine), Honk (Diamond Dogs), Gaffaman, Winston and the horns from Club Killers… The list goes on, but we have to mention Olssons Gosskör (Micke, Bengtsson, Lamaz och Gurra), for their unconditional support: ”hardcore house, techno funk, reggae rockers digging punk”.
1. Virtue & The Thief (Nick Royale) 2. Riot Club (Martin Bentancourt) 3. Global Panic (Nick Royale) 4. Goodbye Vindication 5. Right This Time (Club Killers) 6. Don´t Hold Back (Nick Royale, Brian Robertson) 7. Liberation Avenue (Nick Royale, Club Killers) 8. No Sister Of Mercy 9. Rock Solid Core 10. Independent Rhyme
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