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Release Date : 23 November 2018



Proudly flying the flag of traditional heavy metal, the Los Angeles-based BLADE KILLER makes a riveting arrival on the international stage with “High Risk,” their addictive and anthemic full-length debut. As a popular staple of the Southern California metal circuit, the group – which features former Fueled By Fire drummer Carlos Gutierrez on vocals and drummer Peter Lemieux (Walpyrgus, Widow) – has shared stages with the likes of Eternal Champion, Sumerlands, Thor, Evil Dead, BAT, Exmortus, Hell Fire, Grim Reaper, Voltax and Spell. “High Risk” manages to capture their live energy and channel it into eight tracks of pure, NWOBHM-influenced sonic adrenaline. Mixed and mastered by Enforcer guitarist Olaf Wikstrand (Tribulation, Cauldron), the record was recorded with Allen Falcon at Birdcage Studios (Exmortus, Naked Aggression). Several songs from the album were recently premiered at two high-profile festival appearances – Muskelrock (Sweden), the group's first-ever European performance, and the Los Angeles Strikefest, where the band shared the stage with the likes of Nasty Savage, Exciter and Morbid Saint.

Los Angeles has always been a breeding ground for some of the finest traditional heavy metal, and in recent years, a new, young generation of bands have taken their ‘80s influences and created some new, exciting and original music. BLADE KILLER is one of the groups noted for leading this true revolution of classic metal, as evidenced by the promise and reception of their 2014 self-titled EP and countless shows around the Southern California area. “High Risk” ups the ante even further, and the palpable buzz surrounding the group in their hometown – where the band was recently named the city's “best new old-school metal band” by the LA Weekly – is a promising sign of things to come.

1. Lost Angels
2. Let Go
3. High Risk
4. In The Arms Of The Devil
5. Midnight Sinner
6. Rush of Thunder
7. Endangered Dreams
8. Tomb of Thoughts
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