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Item no. : SC0348
Artist : BLANK & JONES
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 04 December 2015



Blank & Jones present the fifth installment of this ambitious and exceptional musical journey. Beside some wonderful own new compositions the curators introduce us to artists like Troels Hammer, Marc-George (Ex-BLISS), Antonymes or I Will, I Swear. Blank & Jones also managed to include a super rare mix of the Visage classic "Fade To Grey" which is truly astonishing and was crafted by original member Rusty Egan. Another exclusive premiere on CD is the "Drumless" Version of "Lady" by The Chromatics, who are well known for their amazing Soundtrack contribution of "Drive". This album should be enjoyed as a complete work in one go, like a classical composition. Preferred with headphones in the highest sound quality. That’s what makes the Blank & Jones compilations so unique: They take us to something undiscovered!
01 Inters tellar (M arc-Ge orge Infinite Reprise) - Blank & Jones
02 Azur- Troels Hammer
03 World Of Life - Marc-George
04 White Light - Blank & Jones
05 Amor - I Will, I Swear + Illuminine
06 Trans/For/Mation - Troels Hammer
07 Above Earth - Blank & Jones
08 Interstellar (Marc-George Space Remix) - Blank & Jones
09 Long Days - I Will, I Swear
10 Elegy (IV) - Antonymes
11 WYB (Chilltronica) - Blank & Jones
12 Skyfall - Blank & Jones
13 Lady (Drumless) - Chromatics
14 Fade To Grey (Cinematic Mix) - Visage
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