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Ultra-heavy guitar riffs, blaring grooves, martial vocals: the world of Blessed Hellride has no room for weakness or half-hearted compromises. Quite the opposite: the five-piece from Trier on the banks of the Moselle shoot their adrenalin-laden heavy rock from the hip with a passion that leaves nothing to be desired and a professionalism and stylistic direction which bring to mind renowned international role models. Mind you, Blessed Hellride take one iron rule very seriously: influences are always welcome, emulating other artists is an absolute taboo. So when guitarists Jack Stoned and The (one and only) Oos play their axes with a force that’s inspired by Black Label Society a.k.a. Zakk Wylde, when frontman Tiny Fuel broadcasts his lyrics with almost physically tangible conviction, when the rhythm section consisting of bassist El Fritto and skinsman Captain Hellride set the pace without mercy, individual style and independence have top priority at all times. As a result, it comes as no surprise that an excellent reputation precedes Blessed Hellride even before the release of their debut album Bastards & Outlaws. Rock Hard magazine praises their “whiskey- and beer-soaked heavy rock with a grooving disposition”, attesting the musicians a “powerful production, haunting songs and cool vocals.” So there’s every sign of a storm brewing, with Bastards & Outlaws a sonic heavyweight and lots of live shows lined up which will see the musicians take no prisoners.
1. Intro
2. Helldorado
3. Moonshine Saloon
4. Devils Ride
5. Overdrive Junkies
6. Gevatter Tod
7. Goddamn Hippie
8. Bastards & Outlaws
9. Dead Mens Blues
10. Blood Red River
11. Papa Joe
12. Shame on you
13. Blessed Hellride
14. Back from Hell
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