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Without British metal bands such as Raven, Satan, Jaguar and Blitzkrieg there would never have been an American speed metal revolution. Blitzkrieg were formed in late 1980 out of the ashes of a band called Split Image when vocalist Brian Ross replaced former singer Sarah Aldwinckle and joined Jim Sieroto (guitar), Ian Jones (guitar), Steve English (bass) and Steve Abbey (drums). Soon enough the new born Blitzkrieg inked a deal with Dave Wood’s Neat Records. The band’s legendary »Buried Alive« single (with “Blitzkrieg” on the B-Side) was released on May 19th 1981.

Due to Brian Ross joining Satan, the original incarnation of Blitzkrieg split up in late 1981 without having recorded an album. »A Time Of Changes« was finally released posthumously in 1985. Due to Metallica having covered the song “Blitzkrieg” on their »Creeping Death« EP, Blitzkrieg reformed in 1991 and carried on releasing new studio albums on a regular basis.

Following 2002’s »Absolute Power«, »Sins And Greed« was Blitzkrieg’s six full-length studio album. Recorded in March 2005 and produced by former Tygers Of Pan Tang guitarist Fred Purser, the album, featuring true blue Blitzkrieg classics such as “Hell Express”, “Escape From The Village” or “Jeckyl & Hyde”, was originally released on Jess Cox’s Metal Nation Records label. TPL Records from Sweden issued a limited edition double vinyl.

At a time when “modern” metal bands seemed to rule the scene, Blitzkrieg (just like Saxon with their »Lionheart« record) stuck to their guns on »Sins And Greed«. Brian Ross and the boys managed to stay true to their roots while at the same time writing an album that sounded new and refreshing.

1. Hell Express
2. Standing Still
3. Rise
4. Traitors Gate
5. Excessive Force
6. Escape from the Village
7. Eyes Of The World
8. Calm Waters
9. Desolation Angel
10. Silent Scream
11. Jeckyl & Hyde
12. Hell Bent for Leather  (Judas Priest cover)
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