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Item no. : INDIE286LP
Artist : BLOMST
Product type : Vinyl LP
Release Date : 03 February 2023



New album by Norwegian punkpop outfit Blomst. Blomst ("Flower" in English) has since 2010 worked their way up to a good following, much thanks to their top live performances and kick ass punk energy.  The people of rock city Trondheim has really opened their eyes for Blomst, where the band has played for sold out venues with queues winding down the street! Don’t let the adorable band name fool you, Blomst are wolves in sheep’s clothing. They do give you associations to plants, but are actually one of the most up and coming punk bands Norway has to offer these days!
Side A
1. Plastelina
2. Ta telefonen
3. Festival 2010
4. Fredag
5. Gull
6. Telthusbakken
Side B
7. Arkademaskin
8. Mentol
9. Spøkelse
10. Jeg er fri
11. Mer
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